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meandmyrEvo – Wolfsburg

Thanks to Christian Horn from Germany today’s #meandmyrEvo picture. We are not exactly sure what is happening in this photo but we are sure that Christian will explain. Thanks for sharing Christian. […]

By | February 18th, 2018|meandmyrEvo|0 Comments

meandmyrEvo – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from rEvo Rebreathers! Thanks to Mark Sharman for this great "love filled" #meandmyrEvo picture!   See more pictures [...]

By | February 14th, 2018|meandmyrEvo|0 Comments

meandmyrEvo – A Fantastic rEvo Line Up!

It has been a while so let’s start by thanking Kimberly Jeffries from Hawaii for this great #meandmyrEvo rEvo Rebreather Line Up photo (we love a line up photo)! […]

By | February 11th, 2018|meandmyrEvo|0 Comments

Join An HMHS Britannic Expedition

HMHS Britannic Expedition May 2018, 2 trips organized May 18th 2018 to May 25th 2018 May 25th 2018 to June [...]

By | January 23rd, 2018|rEvo Rebreather Blog|0 Comments

meandmyrEvo – Another Great Line Up!

Thank you to Daniel Umecker from France for this great #meandmyrEvo Line Up photo Thanks for sharing Daniel 🙂 […]

By | December 1st, 2017|meandmyrEvo|0 Comments

VIDEO – Paul Raymaekers Talks About rEvo Rebreathers at The Birmingham Dive Show (DIVE 2017)

In a video shot exclusively for at DIVE 2017, Jeff Goodman talks to Paul Raymaekers from rEvo about rEvo [...]

By | November 11th, 2017|rEvo Rebreather Blog|0 Comments

meandmyrEvo – Red Sea rEvo Serenity

Thank you to Alex from Tekdeep Egypt for this extremely serene #meandmyrEvo picture taken during a safari on Specialist Technical Safari Boat, MV Legends in the Red Sea. Thanks for sharing Alex 🙂 […]

By | August 28th, 2017|meandmyrEvo|0 Comments

meandmyrEvo – rEvos and Mantas!

Simply WOW #meandmyrEvo photo today courtesy of Kimberly Jeffries. Manta Birostris and rEvo diver at Roca Partida. Fantastic picture Kimberly, thank you for sharing! […]

By | August 17th, 2017|meandmyrEvo|0 Comments

meandmyrEvo – Travelling with a rEvo

Some definitive proof that it is easy to travel with a rEvo! Thanks to Florent Locatelli for this great #meandmyrEvo picture! […]

By | July 15th, 2017|meandmyrEvo|0 Comments

meandmyrEvo – A New Perspective

Thank you to Pawel Skowroński for this #meandmyrEvo photo, showing what he describes as a “New Underwater Perspective”. Thanks for sharing Pawel […]

By | June 26th, 2017|meandmyrEvo|0 Comments