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We are continually updating the section with the most Frequently Asked Questions. If however, you are unable to find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us, or speak to your local rEvo Rebreather Instructor.

If you would like to see a rEvo Rebreather to find out how it is different to other CCR’s on the market, you can contact your local instructor (a full list can be found here) or you can see the unit at many international dive shows and fairs. See our Calendar for more information.

You can see a full comparison chart of our cylinders by clicking here or you can also download the chart in PDF format in our Downloads Section.

Electric signals in a rebreather are mostly of one of the following type:

  • Very low voltage and current: the signals from the oxygen sensors – mostly millivolts and micro amp
  • Medium voltage and current: the battery for the solenoid – current going the through the solenoid: 6V-12V and from 0.1 up to >1 amp (peek) when the solenoid fires

The difference in voltage and current between the 2 types are in general the range of 1 to 10.000-100.000 (so 4 to 5 magnitudes!!)

When using a controller, both those signals generally go through the same cables, and if correctly shielded that is not a problem.

However when using a connector in this cable system, and that connector is not 100% perfect, the slightest humidity or dirt into the connection system will cause interference between the “high voltage/current” lines and the sensor reading lines and will destroy the signals of the last

As practice shows that a connector is never maintained so perfectly that there is not the slightest risk of this interference, ever manufacturer uses hard-wired connections on their controllers

The definition we (and the Technical Committee of the CE) give to “active warning device” is the following:

A: a device that gives a warning to the user, in case of an event, without the user having to do any effort to receive the warning

B: warning meaning: changing from one state to the other when going from OK to NOT OK

Criteria A: buzzer, light in front of the eye, … is ok

light or display clipped somewhere, so that the user must take action to look at it…not ok

Criteria B a PP02 indicator in front of the eye: not ok: as there is not change of state when the event occurs, and the memory will wipe out the signal after some time

A HUD where a light starts or goes out when the event happens, combined with flashes or whatever = ok as a “change in state” is noticed

You can visit on online directory of worldwide rEvo Rebreather Instructors to find the one most suitable to your location. CLICK HERE to see the list in full.

We are currently still developing our online spares store. Until then, you can contact rEvo Rebreathers Head Office.

Units can be ordered directly from rEvo Head Office in Belgium but we recommend that you speak to your local instructor to ensure you get the right unit for your own particular needs.